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You must first register to order from this site. Once you have registered and logged in, the cart will be displayed.

Products not listed on the online shop cannot be purchased.

Products can only be purchased at the displayed price online.


Select the product you would like to purchase from the product categories and click the "add to cart" button.
If you click the “Check button”while the product is in the cart, a confirmation screen for your order details will be displayed. on the product confirmation screen, click the cart button on the upper right of the screen to display the contents of the current cart.
Please note that you cannot add items to cart if you are not logged in.

* Click the "Order" button to move to the screen for entering credit information.
Please enter your credit card information and click the "Buy" button.

After your order is complete, we will send you a confirmation email.

Orders outside the National Azabu delivery area can be accepted via Takkyubin.

Please refer here for details.

Please refer here to National Azabu Online delivery area.

Select Delivery or Store pick-up.
「Delivery」or「Store pick-up」will be displayed when you put item in the cart and click 「check」button.
Registration and log-in are required in order to proceed option for date and time.

The nationwide online delivery service will be carried out via Takkyubin. From the selection of times available, please select one time slot to receive your items. Although we strive to ship the order as soon as possible, please let us know your desired date and time to receive the items. This must be after 3 days or more from the order date.

In the event an order cannot be completed by the preferred date i.e. due to import situations of products, National Azabu will contact the customer via email.

Sorry we are not able to deliver items overseas.

When items are delivered please confirm all received items with the shopping item receipt. If there are any missing items, please note your name, order number, and missing items and contact us at the link below.
Sorry at times an item maybe out of stock, that is why the item is missing.

Contact information

Please contact us at the link below if the item you received is broken, we will exchange the item without any fee. If the item is out of stock we will then process a refund for you.

Contact information

■ Returns and Exchanges
In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you must contact us via telephone or email within 8 days from the day of arrival. Please send your items to the designated address which the customer will be informed.
※ In this case, the customer will be held fully accountable the delivery fees for both returning
  the item(s) and when the exchange item(s) are being delivered to the customer.
※ Any returned items sent by Cash on Delivery will prompt National Azabu to later send a bill to the customer equivalent to the Cash on Delivery fee.
※ Please note returns and exchanges are not acceptable for the following cases:
 ・Damaged items after usage and lost items
 ・Items that have passed 9 days or more from day of arrival
 ・Opened items (Exemptions include mold, foreign object found etc.)
 ・Expired items
 ・Discounted items
■ For returns and exchanges please let us know your order number and contact at:
 National Azabu Supermarket
 TEL: 03-3442-3181
 Email: info@national-azabu.net
■ Refunds
Refunds will be completed within 2 weeks after:  ・The customer’s sent item(s) have arrived at our store.
 ・Confirmation of adjusted refund fee (including the aforementioned delivery fee)
※ Please note refunds will be made solely by credit.

After purchase should the full cost already be deducted from the customer’s bank account, we will reimburse the adjusted refund fee adhering to the terms of the card holder’s credit card company.

To help the environment we do not print an item list.
When we send an order confirmation email list, the receipt is the item list.
For an official receipt (Ryo-syu-shyo) please contact us

Payment & Delivery Fee  

Payment - Credit card only.
Please see below which credit cards that are accepted.

Delivery fee ¥770 per purchase
Free delivery for purchases over ¥7,000
National Azabu members status fee
@ Platinum member free delivery for purchases over ¥1
@ Gold member free delivery for purchases over ¥3,500
Please note that the delivery fee may change depending on the members status at the time of purchase

To view the delivery fee of the nationwide online delivery service, please check here.

If the product is out of stock and cannot be delivered, or if the actual amount of meat, fish, etc. is adjusted, the order amount may change. If this occurs, please note that the payment amount may change .
Please note that information regarding shipping and handling fees may also change the total price.

Nationwide Online Delivery Service  

■Nationwide Online Delivery Service
The nationwide online delivery service is a platform to make orders outside the National Azabu delivery area. We strive to ship the items as soon as possible, but this may take up to 3 days due to events such as shortage of items in stock.
We ask all customers for their understanding in advance.

Nationwide Online Delivery Fees
Parcels sent via Takkyubin are separated into 3 categories: room temperature, perishable and frozen.
Each parcel includes one delivery fee with additional costs for perishable and frozen items.
Please refer below:

Example Delivery cost details to Chiba prefecture for canned items, wine, vegetables, cheese and frozen items.
Room temperature: canned items, wine (¥1,200)
Perishable: vegetables, cheese (¥1,200 + ¥330)
Frozen: frozen items (¥1,200 + ¥330)
Total Delivery cost for 3 parcels: ¥4,260

Delivery Fees Honshu ¥1,200; Shikoku ¥1,300; Kyushu ¥1,600; Hokkaido ¥1,600; Okinawa ¥3,100
*One parcel sized 120cm (H x W x D) can hold up to 15kg.
*Perishable/Frozen additional cost ¥330 (up to 10kg) or ¥660 (10~15kg)
*Please note the number of parcels and delivery cost will vary depending on the contents of the order.

Items that cannot be sent
The following items cannot be sent due to difficulty in preserving the product quality.
We ask all customers for their understanding in advance:
・Fresh prepared meals i.e. Karaage fried chicken
・Ice cream
・Beer made by major Japanese alcohol beverage companies (by law)
・Perishable ground meat
・Sashimi and other seafood that can be eaten raw
・Helium filled balloons
・Others (items that damage and perish easily)


Registration is required to use this site.
click 「agreement」 for terms of service and proceed to 「New registration」screen.
New registration

After logging in, from “My Page”
please proceed to "Change registered information.

Log in and proceeding 「digit of customer information」 from 「my page」.
refer I can not get any E-mail

Please contact us using the link below if you have forgotten your ID for logging in
Our staff will contact you by telephone for identity verification
go to this page.

If you have forgotten your password please reset by following the link below.
go to this page.

You can check the details of your purchase in the "confirmation email" and "my page" sent after the purchase is completed.
The proof of purchase will also be a "confirmation email" and "my page".


It is not possible to change the contents after the order is placed on the online order screen. Please contact the store by phone.
However, please note that we may not be able to contact you by phone if the order deadline has passed.

Contact information

You can cancel an order from My Orders before the cut off time. If you would like to cancel your order after the cut off time, please contact customer service.
 If you sign in to your account and select My Orders, you can see your exact cut off time.

Contact information

If an item is out of stock, one of our store staff will contact you by SMS & phone.

National Azabu Supermarket Point Card
If you register your National Azabu point card, you will receive points for your spent. For every ¥216 spent you will receive 1 point. When you accumulate 500 points you will receive a ¥500 coupon.
Currently the point program does not automatically link to this system, so we kindly ask that you check your receipt to view the number of points you have accumulated.
If you have 500 points you can use a ¥500 coupon.
Please note the number of coupons you would like to use when checking out.
The coupons will be collected by the driver upon delivery.
If they are not able to be collected the discount will be cancelled. In that case please use the coupons for your next purchase.

*Point providing terms and conditions

‘Delivery date’ is applicable for accumulating points.
Please note ‘Order date’ is not applicable for accumulating points.

Order date 4th → Delivery date 5th : Quintuple points
Order date 5th → Delivery date 5th : Quintuple points
Order date 5th → Delivery date 6th : Usual points

The point service system is not applicable for Nationwide online delivery customers.
We sincerely apologize and kindly ask customers for their understanding.

We may cancel credit card orders for some of the following reasons

1.If the person ordering is different than the credit card holder
2.If the billing address is different from the delivering address
3.If the credit card name/address information is incorrect


At our online shop, we send confirmation emails to our customers at the time of member registration, ordering, and delivery/pick-up.

If you do not receive the email from our online shop, following may be some of the reasons
Judged as spam due to security settings of the provider or email software
Email is flagged as junk mail and it is automatically forwarded to your junk folder
Rejection settings for emails from PCs and emails with URL are set.
Your email is set to receive mail only from specified addresses
Please check your (Spam, Junk, Trash) folders to ensure that emails were not directed to anyone of those folders

Please set the permission to receive emails from our domain "<ドメイン>" in the email settings of your device.
Check to see if your mailbox storage capacity is full.

Please make sure that your registered email address is correct.
For the confirmation / setting method, refer to the usage / help of your device or email software.
For Web based emails please check the settings

Yahoo mail

About settings such as spam filter of each mobile phone company
* Open the external page


You can also check the membership registration or order completion from the following.
To contact us directly please follow the link below

Inquiry or contact us

■ Inquiry form
Inquiry form

■ Inquiry by phone
TEL.03-3442-3181( reception time 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.)

We apologize that we are not able to answer questions regarding inventory/product information on this site.
Please follow individual store for information, during operating hours

National Azabu web site

Please find Inquiry from our web site.

National Azabu web site


This online store will be used effectively on
・PC or smartphones with the secure internet connection.
・Browsers with Cookie, TLS, JavaScript enable.
Non smartphones, some smartphones, and tablets may be excluded from this service.

Recommended OS and Browser

(Recommended OS)
Windows  Mac OS

(Recommended Browsers)
・Microsoft Edge ・Safari ・FireFox ・Chrome
@For your security, we recommend using the latest version of the OS and browsers listed above.

Recommended Devices
iPhone  Android
Recommended Browsers
Default browsers on each device
iPhone/Safari Android/Chrome

Setting of Cookie, TLS, JavaScript differ on each browser.
For more details, please check the guideline or the help on each service.
OS and browsers no longer supported by their manufacturers may be excluded from their service.
Depending on the version of your OS・browsers, the service may not work properly.
Device other than PC・Smartphone ( tablets, video games, WebTV, or PDA) are excluded from this service.