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700 ml   Lactic acid drink
Country of Origin:JAPAN



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Item code: 4975630310019

野村乳業 プロバイオティクス マイ・フローラ
700 ml

熱量:40 kcal
たんぱく質:0.4 g
脂質:0 g
炭水化物:9.6 g
食塩相当量:0.07 g
βカロチン:3140 ug


植物乳酸菌SN13T/SN35N株は、広島大学大学院・薬学分野 杉山政則教授が見出した乳酸菌(ラクトバチルス プランタルム)です。一般的なヨーグルトに使われる動物乳酸菌に比べ、胃酸や胆汁液に耐える力がきわめて強い乳酸菌です(当社比)。6本分のにんじん汁(1本700mlあたり)にセロリ汁を加え、植物乳酸菌で発酵させました。高濃度の生きた乳酸菌を摂取できる乳酸菌飲料です。オリゴ糖を3g配合しています(1日分100mlあたり)。

Ingredientscarrot juice (Germany), celery juice, isomaltooligosaccharide, Pear juice, milk, brewed extract powder
Plant lactic acid bacteria SN13T/SN35N strains are lactic acid 
bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum) 
discovered by Professor Masanori Sugiyama, 
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Compared to the animal lactic acid bacteria used in general yogurt, 
it is a lactic acid bacterium that is extremely resistant to 
gastric acid and bile fluid (compared to our company).
Celery juice is added to 6 carrot juice (per 700ml per bottle) 
and fermented with plant lactic acid bacteria. 
It is a lactic acid bacteria drink that allows you to ingest 
a high concentration of live lactic acid bacteria. 
Contains 3g of oligosaccharide (per 100ml daily serving).

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 100 g Calories: 40 kcal Protein: 0.4 g
Total Fat: 0 g Total Carbohydrate: 9.6 g Salt: 0.07 g
Beta Carotene: 3140 ug

Allergen: Milk component

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